Basement flooring options


Basement flooring options

As trusted flooring contractors on Long Island, we can help you with finding the most durable flooring options for your basement. Finishing your basement is a great way to add living space to your home. However, the basement also presents unique challenges that you will not find in other issues of the house. Since your basement is below grade, it becomes more prone to moisture issues. This leads to rot and mold. So it is important to choose the right materials when finishing your basement floor. You want flooring options that will last in your basement and that are also durable.

Different options for basement flooring

When it comes to the flooring for your basement, you have different options at your disposal. In many cases, you want this flooring to be waterproof, since the basement is a place that often sees mold growth. You also want the material to be durable, since it is most prone to flooding and is typically a pretty expensive undertaking. So you want to get it right. Here are some of the most popular flooring options for your basement.

Ceramic tile

When you install any sort of flooring in your basement, there is an issue of height at the doorways and steps. And another negative is the grout lines for the ceramic tiling. This is where dirt and moisture settle, so frequent cleaning is advised. For those fancy people out there, you can install a radiant heat mat underneath the tile if the height is not an issue. This is pricey, too, but adds a nice atmosphere to your basement.

Vinyl tile

Vinyl tile in your basement is thin, which also makes it inexpensive. A significant con is that moisture can come through the concrete slab and eventually delaminate the tile. Vinyl or linoleum are not breathable floors, so the moisture will not penetrate. However, this means the moisture is trapped. So if you get water in the basement, it will settle within the joints where the tile meets the tile at which point you will simply need a new floor.


A carpet in your basement will warm up its cold, damp floor. However, carpeting also acts like a sponge for moisture and dust. When you install a carpet floor in your basement, we recommend you put down the best vapor barrier around. And make sure you choose a mold-resistant material that uses interlocking squares with no adhesive. This allows for easy replacement when the need arises.



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Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is not one that works on its own. One big reasons is that it will raise the height of the floor at the steps and/or doorway. When houses were built, they rarely thought anybody wanted flooring other than concrete. So the addition of any flooring in a basement is tough. And raising the flooring means you may violate a code and cause an issue with the door.

Another reason it is not a great option is that moisture causes the hardwood to expand and contract, which causes the floor to buckle. However, there are types of engineered hardwood floors that will work and offer a higher density, which in turn leads to a better resilience to humidity changes.

Concrete overlays

Of course, as a flooring outlet, this type of flooring is not one we sell. Since it is just concrete. But we wouldn't be doing our jobs of informing you about the best waterproof flooring for basements without mentioning this final one.

Concrete overlays are thin coats of very fine concrete. You may also refer to them as skim coats. A concrete overlay is simply a mix of concrete that you apply to the floor with a very thin coat. And once this overlay dries, you seal it. This seal allows for the concrete to remain sturdy for years to come. It even helps it when the floor cracks and avoids an abundance of moisture from seeping in. This is due to the fact that this overlay is breathable. So the moisture can pass through.

Concrete overlays are also easy to clean and mold resistant. If you do find mold, the cleaning process is simple. Once you add the concrete overlay, you can add rugs for warmth and decor.

Affordable basement flooring options

For more information about the various flooring options we have available, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about all that we do. We are trusted Long Island contractors and can helping you with many great basement flooring options.